How does remote support work

By clicking on the pict you download a small bit of software. When you run it you first get a 9-figure connection ID.
 It will always be the same 9 figures. Then you get a 4-digit password. I need both to be able to connect to your computer to give you the remote support. The 4-digit password is random for each session. This is your security. That means i can not access your computer unless you agree for each session.

How does tickets work

If you have a supportissue pls klick “get a supportticket” . If you do this for the first time, your first supportticket will generate an account. You will get a separate email with your accountsettings. Use these to log in next time. You can wiew and modify your supporttickets and send new tickets from your new account.


Why do I change from mail to ticket-system.? Well mail works more or less like a flow based on time. That means that if a “ticket” is not solved or addressed at the same time or shortly after its is recived it fill “fall down” to the bottom of the inbox. This is of course not good and I want to provide you with best possible service so that’s why I ask all of you to use this system starting now!